Bundling Multiple Products
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How to Create a Bundled Product

To create a bundled product go to Products > + Add Product > Bundle

To Add Products to your Bundle

Enter your Bundle details under the Bundle details tab. Next, under Included Products click Add Product. Add your desired products and click Save.

NOTE: To add a product to a Bundle it has to be created prior to adding it to the bundle.

If a bundle is set to a recurring price both ClassCards and Private Coaching products will recur.

Under Summary toggle the status to Published and select Save product. Switch on Show in Shop so you're product is visible in the shop.

The Student View of the Bundled Product

Your students will be able to see all the included products available in the bundle.

NOTE: If your student loses access to the bundle they will no longer be able to access these products.
​If you add another product to the bundle, those that already purchased the bundle will not have access to the newly added product.

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