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Configure Event Replays

Student Access to replays

How to set up an Event to have a Replay

To have a replay of your session automatically available to your students on the Event's landing page, you will need to enable it when setting up your event.

In the Calendar, you can either create a new event or edit a previous event. Once inside the Event settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle "Make post-event recording available?" to YES. Next, hit the Save button.

NOTE: Once the session has been completed the replay will be available in the product connected to the event.

How a student accesses a replay

When a student wants to watch the replay, they open up the event from the calendar.

They are taken to the Event landing page. If they are logged in and have access to the product that the Event is linked to or the ClassCard™ that has been allowed to access this event, they will see a button that says 'Watch Recording'.

When they click the button it will take them to the recording.

If they have not got access to the product linked to this event, or a ClassCard™ that has been allowed access, the button will say 'Get Access to Event' and they will be taken to the checkout page to purchase a product or ClassCard™.

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