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Playlists allow you to group and structure content within an on-demand content library. Depending on your customers and content there are many ways to use this new capability.

Note: Playlists only work using the On-Demand product type (formerly known as the Membership product type).

Watch the below video, or follow the written instructions.

Add a playlist to an existing membership or video-on-demand library

  1. To create a playlist open your existing On Demand product (Previously called Membership product), Click on Products on the left menu and then click on the product to want to update.

  2. Click Edit Product on the top right-hand side.

  3. Click the Content tab near the top.

  4. Select the content that you'd like to add to your Playlist by ticking the checkbox in the top left corner of each piece of content. You can add or remove content after the Playlist is created.

  5. Next click Create Playlist in the bottom menu.

  6. Enter a name for your Playlist, upload a cover photo (optional), Click Create.

    • Note: Selecting "Feature in Included Content" will showcase this playlist in the Included Content tab. You can set multiple playlists as featured.

  7. Once you've created your playlist will now show up in the Content tab. Your students will see a new tab called "Playlists" next to "Included content"

Editing your Playlist

Click on the Playlist you wish to edit and a slider will open on the right-hand side of your page.

  • Deleting a video/ content: To delete a video or content in your playlist hover your mouse over the file you'd like to remove then click on the trashcan icon. Deleting from the playlist does not remove the file from the Product or the Media Library.

  • Adding a video/ content: click on Add Media.

  • Reordering your video/ content: Drag the files up and down to reorder them.

  • Click Settings to change the name of the Playlist, edit the photo, set it as a Feature or not as well as delete the Playlist.

Note: The slider will automatically save any changes you've made. To exit just click on the small X on the upper left corner inside the slider.

Settings view

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