A ClassCard™ enables you to attend classes or events that accept ClassCards. When you purchase a ClassCard™ it comes with a number of redemptions that are valid for a specific amount of time. These options are set by each studio. Each redemption entitles you to attend one event or class.

For example, this particular product comes with 10 redemptions.

Once the ClassCard™ is purchased you can see the number of redemptions you have on the top right side of your account next to your name.

Clicking on the ClassCard™ icon shows you how many redemptions you have left and when the redemption on that card will expire.

To use a ClassCard™ you can either click on the Calendar at the top, choose a day on the bottom left, or an event on the bottom right.

To quickly see if an event allows ClassCards™ just look for the ticket icon below the event.

If you clicked on the Calendar at the top. Select the event you'd like to join from the Calendar.

Next click on Register for Event.

The event will now say Registered and you can see on the top right that a point has been used. To unregister just click on "Click here to Unregister" and you will get your redemption back.

If you clicked on the bottom right it will take you directly to the event to register.

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