Have you ever wanted to put your Marvelous calendar directly into your website? Then widgets are for you! All you have to do is navigate to the widgets page in your teacher dashboard (Settings -> Widgets) and select one of the widgets that you'd like to place in your own website. Once you've found the widget you like, you can click the 'copy code' button and all of the code you need will be copied into your clipboard automatically. From there, we just need to add that HTML (the code you copied) into your website. The process of adding the code into your website can vary based on how your website is set up, but here are a couple common website hosts instructions:


  1. Select a page you want to Edit

  2. Click on โ€œ+โ€ sign OR click on the line bubble to add a Block

  3. Choose the Code block underneath the More section

  4. Remove the default code Squarespace puts into its Code block

  5. Insert the HTML code you want to add

  6. Click the Apply button


First, navigate to Embed -> Custom Embeds and click on the button that says Embed a Widget (like the screenshot below)

Then, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Add

    on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click Embed.

  3. Select Embed a Widget to add an iFrame to your page.

  4. Embed your code:

    1. Click Enter Code.

    2. Paste your custom code in the text box.

    3. Click Apply.


  1. Click on the Custom HTML element to bring up the popup.

  2. Copy your code for the Marvelous widget

  3. Then click Edit Custom HTML in the popup.

  4. Paste the embed code into the element.

  5. Click outside of the element, and your content should appear!

That's it! You're done! Your Marvelous calendar should show up on your website, ready to show to all of your students!

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