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Creating a Playlist Only Product
Creating a Playlist Only Product
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  1. Click on Products then My products on the left, then click on Add product on the top right.

  2. Select On-demand Library.

  3. In the Product details, complete the relevant sections such as Product name, cover and thumbnail photos, and a sample video.

  4. To add your media files for your playlist, click the Content tab, click on Add Content.

  5. Select the videos or files you'd like to add and click Save.

  6. Choose the videos and/or files you'd like to add to your playlist and click on Create playlist.

  7. Type in the name of your playlist, upload a picture then click on Create. Your playlist will display in a new section above 'Included Content' called 'Playlists'.

  8. If you do not want the videos from the playlist to display in the Included Content section of your product, then select the files you've added into your playlist and click on Remove. Note: This will not remove the videos or files from your playlist.

  9. Continue creating your product by moving through each of the next tabs; Pricing is where you add the price of your product, Product schedule is where you decide how long a product is available, and Summary is where you publish the product (go live). Once you've completed all sections, click 'Save Product' in the top right-hand corner.

    Below image: Setting your pricing

    Below image: Setting up the Product schedule.

    Below image: Final settings under Summary where you publish your product.

  10. When you preview your product after removing the content, you will see your playlist but you will not see an "Included content" tab.

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