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Using the Image Cropper Tool
Using the Image Cropper Tool
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Teachers and studios can edit images that have been uploaded into their Marvelous studio by using the Image Cropper Tool. The Image Cropper Tool automatically appears after uploading an image.

Note that once you've cropped in an image you won't be able to restore it to its original dimensions. You would need to re-upload the same image if a larger crop area is needed.

This feature applies anywhere an image can be uploaded such as your logo, cover photo, video thumbnails, etc.

To upload an image click Upload then choose if you'd like to upload from your computer, embed an image via URL, Unsplash, or from Canva.

Use the handles to resize the image by dragging them towards the inside or outside of the image. The cropped area is automatically set to the correct dimensions, based on where the image will appear.

Click and drag the mouse up or down inside the image if you want to move cropped area around.

Once you've decided where to place the box click on Apply.

Below image: An example of moving the box higher to include the head while cropped in.

Below image: An example of moving the image further up to include more of the sky.

Previewing your image

If inside a product, once you've clicked save, click on Preview in the top right after corner to view how it looks on your page.

Cropping an image that has already been uploaded

Place your cursor inside the image and click the Crop symbol.

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