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Enabling Pay What You Wish
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Pay-What-You-Wish (PWYW) is an exciting new payment option that gives your students the power to set the price of your products.

When enabled, the PWYW option enables teachers to set a suggested price and a minimum PWYW price. PWYW works on both fixed and recurring priced products.

For example, a product price could be set to a one time payment of $20.00 with a minimum PWYW price of $5.00. Students can choose to pay the full price of $20.00 or pay any amount over $5.00.


To enable the PWYW option on a product:

1. Click on Products on the left then click on the product you'd like to edit on the right.

2. Click on Edit Product on the top right.

3. Go to the Pricing Tab and enter your regular price.

4. Next, click on Allow and enter the minimum amount and click on Save Product on the top right.

Student Experience

When students arrive at a checkout page of a product that includes PWYW, they will see the regular price of the product and a "Pay what you wish" field.

To use the PWYW feature, the student enters the amount of money they want to pay. If they enter a price lower than the minimum setting for this product, they will receive an error with some guidance that PWYW must be set higher than the minimum price.

Once a successful PWYW price is applied, the updated amount is visible in the summary on the right side of the checkout page.

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