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Moderating Comments
Moderating Comments
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How to View Comments

When a person in your studio has commented on piece of media a notification will appear on the bell icon on the top right of your teacher dashboard.

Clicking on the bell icon will show you the comment and when it was made. Clicking the notification will take you directly to that comment.

You can also navigate to your videos to see the comments by switching to the student view.

Then click on Dashboard and choose a product.

Go to the Included Content or Lessons tab and click on a video.

Replying to Comments

You'll find the comments below the content. Click on Reply to reply to a specific reply ( everyone can see your reply ) or the ♥ symbol to like it. You can also use the @name to tag a person. Tagging a person will trigger a notification for that person with a link to the comment.

Interacting as Site admin

As a Site admin, you can choose to interact as either your Marvelous site admin or you can interact as your individual profile by toggling the option in the footer.

When interacting as the Site admin, students will see your comments and replies as being done by your Marvelous site’s profile. Interacting as yourself will use your personal (student) account.

Deleting / Hiding / Pinning Comments

Switching to Site admin also allows you to Hide or Delete anyone’s comments by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the right of the person's name.

Hiding a comment will hide the content of the comment or reply while retaining the replies. Deleting a comment will remove the comment and remove all replies.
Pinning a comment will let put it at the top.

Replies made as the studio will show a Studio tag and replies made by yourself will have the Admin tag. These tags can be customized using the Custom Labels feature.

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