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Integrated seamlessly with your Marvelous studio, you can now create your perfect one-link landing page for all your social media channels. makes it easy to take tips and direct your followers to your online studio, website, social media channels, opt-ins (or where ever you need them to go!) plus your studio calendar.

Make it beautiful and on-brand by customizing your page background, brand colour and link imagery. It is integrated directly with your Marvelous calendar and Tip Jar, if enabled.

An example of

Here is an example of the link on the @heymarvelous Instagram.

This is what the beautiful landing page looks like on mobile.

How to set up your

To set up your account, click on on the left side, right below Reports.

You'll be taken directly to the Link tab. Where you'll be able to see your link that you can post on Instagram or other social accounts. On the right is a preview of how your page will look when accessed via mobile.

Adding Audio

Clicking on the microphone icon on the right lets you record or upload an audio file. You have the option to make this audio file available for 24 hours or lock the audio so that it stays until you remove it.

You'll know if its been successfully uploaded or recorded as the icon will change. You can also click on the small x if you'd like to remove the audio file.

Adding Links

Scroll down and you'll be able to add in links to your own personal websites or any other websites outside of your socials.

Click on the picture icon to upload a link icon.

You can upload a picture from your computer, embed a URL to an image, as well as use Canva or Unsplash. Once added click on Save.

Then type in the link's label and then the URL. Make sure that you type in the full link - for example or You can also use mailto: for email address e.g.

Then switch the toggle to On so that it shows up on your Click on the trashcan icon if you'd like to delete the link.

Click on "Add another link" to create a space to add more links.

Monetizing your

If you don't have a studio in Marvelous, make sure that you've created a Stripe account already. Select the currency in the drop down and click on Connect Stripe.

"Show tip jar link" switch this on if you'd like students or people to be able to send you tips. This only with the Stripe integration currently.

If you already have a studio just switch on "Show tip jar link". "Show calendar link" enable this option so that students can quickly access your studio's calendar in Marvelous.

Social Links

Scroll down and you can add in links to your socials. Make sure that they're typed in with https://www. before the URL. For example then click save.

Customizing Your Page

Click on Design at the top and click on the template that you'd like to use.

Once you've chosen a template the preview on the right will change as well.

Then upload a background image as well as a profile picture. Take note that some templates use solid colors or color gradients. These templates will not use your uploaded background image.

For the accent colors you can change them by clicking on the color option. If you know the color code you can type it in the box and click on confirm.

You can also change the color of your social icons independent of the accent color.

Click on the font to change it. Then select the font you'd like to use from the list.

You can preview your changes on the right as you make them.

Sharing your link

Click on Share at the top and choose where you'd like to share your link. Make sure that you're logged in to the correct social account before selecting it from the list below.

Contact Us 🧡

For any questions reach out to us in our live chat or send us an email at 🙂

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