is a “one link” landing page for social media platforms such as Instagram, where customers can list all the important links for their followers. Your page can be customized to matches your Marvelous studio, links to all of your social accounts. It is integrated directly with your Marvelous calendar and Tip Jar, if enabled.

Here is an example of the link on the @heymarvelous Instagram.

This is the beautiful landing page for our Soulful MBA.

Configure your link

To set up your account, click on Settings on the bottom left side then on the right.

Upload your background image and your accent color.

Then put in a label for your links on the right and the URL or link on the left. Make sure to include https:// at the beginning of the link. If you need to add more links click Add another Link at the bottom.

You can upload a photo for your link but clicking the Upload button.

Marvelous Integrations
Scroll down and you can include your Calendar and Tip jar to show in the link.

The page will automatically save. You can get your link at the top. Click on Copy my link and paste it to your social media accounts.

Contact Us 🧡

For any questions reach out to us in our live chat or send us an email at 🙂

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