This tutorial will walk you through creating a Community Group. Solo plans and higher can create groups. Please review the Community Overview to learn more about Community Groups.

Creating a Community Group

1. Login to your Marvelous Admin area and click Community on the Left hand menu.

2. Click + Add group.

3. Enter the following group details.

  • Group name - the public facing name of your group

  • Cover photo - (1920 x 600 pixels) will be displayed at the top of your group pages

  • Thumbnail photo - (640 x 360 pixels) will be displayed in your admin area and on the student's community page

  • Give access to this group by specifying which products must be owned by a student to access this group. If you do not specify any products, this group will only be accessible by Admins.

4. Congratulations, you just created your first Community Group! ๐Ÿ’ช

Managing your Community Group

Group settings can be updated by clicking the three dots to the bottom right of a group. Please see below for descriptions of these options.

  • Edit group - Update the Group name, Cover or Thumbnail, and access settings

  • View members - See which students are members of this group

  • View flagged comments - Review and take action on and comments flagged by group members

  • Set group's description - Use this section to add a description of your group or to outline your group's rules. An About tab will appear next to your group's feed and members list after a group description is set.

  • Archive group - By archiving a group it will remove it from student view. Archived groups will not count toward your active group limit.

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