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How to gift a product on Marvelous

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Gifts on Marvelous allow customers to purchase a product as a gift for it to be redeemed at your online studio.

Every product in your shop is available to be purchased as a gift and can be purchased by anyone, even if they are not signed in or part of your studio.

Please note: The "Purchase a Gift" feature is only available for customers using Stripe as their payment processor.

How To Purchase a Gift

The option to purchase a gift can be found on the shop page in the upper right-hand corner.

When a visitor to your studio clicks on “Purchase a gift” they are taken to your dedicated “Purchase a gift” page.

This page lists all of your products, however, when a customer clicks on the product they wish to purchase as a gift, they are taken directly to the “Give as gift” checkout page.

Checkout Page

On the “Give as gift” checkout page customers:

1) Select the type of purchase

2) Specify the recipient

3) Write a personal note

4) Choose to send the gift immediately or schedule it to be delivered at a later date.

If a product has multiple pricing options, these also display on the checkout page. Coupons can also be applied upon checkout.

Please note: For monthly recurring priced product, only 1 month can be gifted.

Gift Information

The "Gift Information" area is where the gift-giver types in the recipient's details. The gift-giver has the ability to include a message, make the gift anonymous, and choose whether to send the gift immediately or delay it to a different date.

Before checkout, the gift-giver can either choose to log in if they have an existing account, create a new account if they'd like to join your studio, or continue as a guest.

Once they click on "Purchase Gift" they'll be asked to type in their card details and then they can click on "Purchase Gift" again to finalize the purchase.

A pop-up will confirm the purchase. Clicking continue will take them back to the shop page.

Email notifications
Once they've made their purchase, the gift-giver will receive an email from your Marvelous site confirming the purchase. The recipient of the gifted product will also receive an email from your studio on the date selected by the gift-giver; this email will contain the link to redeem the product.

Gift management (Teacher Dashboard)

Gift purchases show up on the Orders tab with the status gift. If you'd like to see only gift purchases, you can also click on Gift Purchases on the left.

Clicking on Gift Purchases on the left shows you if a gift has been claimed or not. If you click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the purchase you’ll find 3 more options.

The 3 options are View Details, Resend, and Manually Redeem.

View Details shows you the details of the purchase, such as the message sent to the gift recipient. If the purchase was set as anonymous you will still see the name of the gift-giver on your end. You will also have the option to Resend the gift as well.

Manually Redeem allows you to make the gift unredeemable. This is useful if a student would prefer a different product instead. You can also unredeem a gift by clicking on the 3 dots again and selecting Manually unredeem.

Manually redeemed gifts will be marked as Deactivated.

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