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How to Share Links, Upload Images, and record Voice Messages in Community Groups and Marvelous Messaging
How to Share Links, Upload Images, and record Voice Messages in Community Groups and Marvelous Messaging
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You and your students can now share links (that auto-generate a thumbnail) into your Marvelous Messaging conversations and Community Group feeds. You can also upload images into your Community Group feed.

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Sharing links

In both Marvelous Messaging and Community Groups, you can share links and an auto-generated thumbnail will appear.

Direct Messages and Chat Rooms (Marvelous Messaging)

Type or paste the link into the message box and when you click Return on your keyboard, your message will be sent and the thumbnail to your link will appear in your chat.

Community Group Feed

Find the URL you want to share and either type or paste it into the message box at the top of the feed. Once you do this, it will automatically generate the thumbnail attached to that hyperlink. Then click “Post comment”.

Recording a Voice Message

The process for sharing a voice recording either in a direct message, chat room or community group is very similar however the location of the "microphone" icon is different.

In Marvelous Messaging, look for the "microphone" icon in the top right-hand corner of your message (see image).

In the Community Group feed, look for the "microphone" icon next to the "image" icon.

Once you've clicked the "microphone" icon, the process is the same.

Please note: The first time that you do this, you will have to approve to use your microphone.

To record your message, click the microphone. Stop the recording when you are done and click send.

In Marvelous Messaging, clicking "send" will automatically send it to your recipient in your direct message or chat room.

In the Community Group feed, it will display in your draft post as follows (you can add introductory text if you like). Then click "Post comment".

Uploading an image

Click the “image” icon to the left of the GIF and Emoji icons and follow the prompts. Then click “Post comment”.

(Note: You cannot add both voice note and image in one post.)

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