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Delaying Release of Content
Delaying Release of Content

This article will show you how to pre-schedule videos and other content.

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You can set content to be released at a specific date so that they can be added inside products ahead of time. While they can be added to the product, students will not be able to see a thumbnail or preview of the file until after the release date and time.
To set a release date go to Media Library on the left then click on the video.

Click on Edit on the top right.

Scroll down and put in the date and time. The time and date shown will correspond to your device's timezone and will automatically convert on the student's side. Click Save on top once you're done.

It will now show like this in your Media Library. When added to a product the file will not appear.

Note: If you'd like the video to appear first in your product's Content tab - make sure to place it in the first position by clicking and dragging the file.

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