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How to Enable Waitlisting In A Product
How to Enable Waitlisting In A Product
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This feature is great if you have a product that only allows a certain number of students for a limited time.
For example a workshop that runs only for 2 weeks and is limited to 10 people only. By enabling a waitlist, you are able to capture a list of people who are looking to join and send them marketing emails either to your products to checkout for the mean time as well as to let them know that its open.

Another example would be to publish a product and close enrollment then allowing the waitlist. This will allow you to pre-sell your product, letting you know of demand and who's interested.
To enable waitlisting, click on Products on the left then the product.

Click on Edit Product on the top right.

Then go to the Summary tab.

Waitlist is only available once Enrollment is set to Closed. Select Enable Waitlist

Once enabled you'll have a separate field to add in your Mailchimp or Convertkit audience as well as tags. Save your changes by clicking Save on the top right.

This is how it looks to students when they try to open the product.

They don't need to have an account with your studio to join the waitlist. However if they have an account and are already logged, the email field will be automatically filled.

To see who has joined the waitlist, just open the product from the Product tab in your studio and scroll down. Click on Waitlist under Customers.

You can then Export this as a .csv file. Clicking Clear Waitlist will remove people from the list - do this if you've already exported the report and starting a new waitlist.

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