There are 2 ways to add redemptions to your student’s account. Both methods are done from the Customers tab, viewing the specific customer’s details.

Search for the specific customer:

Click on the name of the customer (highlighted in red):

You will be redirected to the student’s details page:

The first method is to click on "Add redemptions" on the right side

A popup will appear for you to fill in the details for the redemption.

  • The ClassCard that the redemptions are linked to

  • The number of redemptions

  • Expiration of the redemptions

Please note that if you leave "What kind of ClassCard redemptions do you want to add?" blank - the redemptions cannot be used for events that allow specific ClassCard(s) to be used.

Click on "Add Redemptions" to save.

The other way is to hover or click the 3 dots to the right of the ClassCard you would like to add redemptions to:

A small box will appear with the option to “Add redemptions” and “Remove redemption

Click “Add redemptions” and the popup will appear to fill in details of the redemption(s), with the ClassCard already selected (You cannot change the ClassCard selected):

Set the number of redemptions and the expiration date, then click “Add redemptions” to save.

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