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Product tags allow you to customize your products into different categories so that they are organized and can be easily found by students. This article will show you how to:

Creating and Editing a Tag

To create your product tags click on Products on the left then Product Tags.

Click on Add tag on the top right corner.

Type in the tag and then then click on Save.

Click on the pencil icon to edit the tag.

Type in the tag you want to replace the current tag with then hit save.

To remove a tag just click on the trashcan icon on the right.

Adding a tag to a product

Go to Products on the left then click on a product to open it.

Click Edit product on the top right.

Click on the box that says "What tags would you like to add to this product?" and select the tag or tags that you want to add to this product.

Then click on Save product on the top right.

Your tags will now appear in the shop page.

Note: You can click on a tag and it will automatically show all the products that have been added to that tag.

You can then copy the link at the top to send to your students or a potential client.

Once they open that link they will be sent to the page with the products already sorted using that tag.

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