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Integrating Deadline Funnel
Integrating Deadline Funnel
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Our Deadline Funnel integration is a powerful way to add limited time offers to your Marvelous checkout pages. Read on for instructions on how to connect a Deadline Funnel with your Marvelous account.


  • Marvelous Solo Plan or higher

  • Deadline Funnel account

  1. Log into your Marvelous teacher account and click on Settings on the bottom left corner and then click Integrations

  2. Click Deadline Funnel.

  3. In your Deadline Funnel account, click Tracking Code on top and then click Copy.

    Paste this code inside the box that says "Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code" in your Marvelous account.

  4. To get the Funnel key, click on your account on the top right in Deadline Funnel and select Account.

  5. Select Advanced then Code Snippets.

    Scroll down to API key and click on the code. This will change to "Copied to clipboard".

  6. Copy this to your Marvelous account and click on Update

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