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Event Waitlist
Event Waitlist
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Events which have limited registration capacity will automatically offer students the ability to join the waitlist when all available spots are reserved.

Marvelous can automatically notify waitlisted students if and when a spot becomes available. Spots become available when registered students unregister or when additional registration spots are added to the event.
​Note: A student needs to have bought the product in order to join the waitlist.

Enabling Automatic Waitlist Notifications

1. To enable automatic waitlist notification, click on the Calendar on the left and then open the event by clicking on it.

2. Then click on Manage.

3. Click Edit on the top right.

4. Scroll down and enable "Automatically notify waitlist when a spot becomes available" then save the changes.

Managing the Waitlist

You can view the waitlist by opening the event from the Calendar and clicking on Manage. Scroll down and click on the Waitlist tab with the number of people on the list.

Viewing the Waitlist

Registering, Emailing, and Deleting from Waitlist

Clicking on the 3 dots to the right of their name lets you Register them manually to the event, send them an email, or remove them from the waitlist.

Waitlist Notifications

Teacher Notifications

You will also be notified via email that a student is on a waitlist ( as long as email preferences on your account has been set ).

Student Notifications

Successfully registering to a waitlist:

Unregistering to a waitlist:

When a spot has opened:

  1. Only students who are logged in and have access (via a product, or a valid ClassCard) can join the waitlist.

  2. If automatic notification is enabled, everyone on the waitlist is notified and the spot may be registered by anyone on a first come first served basis.

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