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Auto-filling the Coupon Field
Auto-filling the Coupon Field

How to send a product link pre-populating the coupon field

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This article will show you how to send out a product link that already contains a coupon, so it pre-populates the coupon box at checkout. This means students don't need to remember to type in the coupon code.

1. Grab the product's purchase link by clicking on Products on the left and then on the product.

2. Copy the Purchase URL by clicking on the link icon and paste it somewhere like a notepad for example.

3. Next add the following at the end of the Purchase URL. ?coupon=zzzzz
You'll now end up with something like this.

  • Add at the end: ?coupon=zzzzz

4. Click on the coupon on the left side and copy the coupon code.

5. Replace the zzzzz with the coupon code you've copied. The coupon code is case-sensitive so make sure to add it the way it was made.

Note: The coupon code shouldn't have any special characters including spaces.

6. When the link is sent out to students, the code will now be automatically added to the coupon field and applied to the purchase.

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