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Importing Student Data
Importing Student Data
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This will transfer student information such as their name and email address over into Marvelous. If they don't have an account yet in Marvelous, they will receive an email to complete registration. If they have an existing account, they only be added to your studio.

1. Prepare a CSV file with the following columns: email, firstname, lastname.

If you'd like to include the address and phone number make sure to add them in this order: email, firstname, lastname, city, zipcode, address, state, country, phone.

If you only want to include their phone number you can add it as email, firstname, lastname, phone.

2. In your Marvelous account, go to Settings at the bottom then click on Data Import.

3. Select Import Students.

4. Then click on Upload and select the file from your computer.

5. You'll then see your upload in the Import History area together with the status.

Student import supports also these optional fields:

  • city

  • zipcode

  • address

  • state

  • country

6. If successful the status will change from new to success.

If an import fails, click on the red i and it will show you the reason for the error. In this case there is a column with a missing header.

7. You can verify the upload by clicking on Customers on the left and checking the customer list.

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