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Importing Student Purchases
Importing Student Purchases
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Student purchases refers to fixed priced products such as courses. This article will show you how to import students into a fixed priced product so they don't have to purchase it on their end.
​Note: Make sure that you've already created the product where you'll be importing the students into.
1. Prepare a CSV file with the following columns: email, firstname, lastname, productID, expirationdate.

2. To find the product ID click on Products on the left then click on the product where you'd like to add the students.

3. Once the product is open you'll then find the product ID in the address bar. In this case the product ID is 45013.

For the expiration date make sure that it follows the following format. YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2023-08-05. If you'd like students to have access forever just keep the field empty.

4. Go to settings at the bottom left of your screen and then click on Data Import.

5. Click on Import Purchases, then Upload and select the file from your computer.

6. The file will now show under Import History together with the status. If successful it will change to Success. You can refresh to see the update in the Status column.

If an import fails, click on the red i to see the error. In this case the date format is incorrect.

7. To verify that were successfully added you can check in the Overview tab.

You can also check by opening the product and scrolling down.

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