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Stripe Subscriptions Import
Stripe Subscriptions Import
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Note: Before importing make sure that you've already created a subscription or recurring priced product like a membership. It's also required that you've integrated Stripe to your Marvelous studio already.

1. Generate a CSV file from Stripe by going to Payments then Subscriptions. Then click on Export on the right.

2. Set the timezone and date range as needed. Under Columns select Custom and select the following options. Click on Export right after.

3. Rename the columns to the following:

​ For Stripe:

  • id to stripesubscriptionid

  • Customer ID to stripecustomerid

  • Customer Email to email

  • Status to stripesubscriptionstatus

For Customer Name - it needs to be split to firstname and lastname. Arrange the columns exactly like the image below. You will also need to add a productid and expirationdate column.

4. To find the product ID click on Products on the left and click on your subscription

product or membership.

5. You'll then see the product ID at the top. In this example it is 47070, add this in the productid column.

6. For the expiration, make sure that it follows this format: YYYY-MM-DD or 2022-12-22.

7. Go to Settings in your Dashboard then click on Data Import.

8. Click on Import Subscriptions then Upload.

9. Select your CSV file from your computer. Once it's uploaded it will show in the Import History section. Refresh the page to see the status change from new to success.

If an import fails you can click on the red i in the Status column. A pop-up will show

where the error is.

10. Verify that the students have been successfully imported by opening your membership product. Scroll down and you should see a list of Active students.

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