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Private Spaces
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A Private Space is a student's personal space where you can upload content such as recordings, documents, etc. that only they can access.

Whenever a student purchases an Individual Coaching product, a Private Space is automatically created.

To access a Private Space click on Products on the left then Private Spaces. You'll see all the Private Spaces that have been created.

Click on a Private Space to open it.

In the Private Space, you'll see the number of sessions student has left, used sessions, and the number of upcoming private sessions.

Click on Edit product on the top right to edit the Private Space.

From here you can edit the Private Space by changing the name, adding a photo, and adding a description.

Click on Content at the top then Add content.

You can then add content from your Media Library or click on Upload file on top to add content from your computer.

Click on Save product on the top right to save any changes you've made.

Your student will not see the Private Space on their end but will see the private coaching product. However, clicking on their private coaching product will take them to their Private Space.

Going into the Included content tab will show your student all the content you added to their Private Space.

If you add a video in the main product it will be accessible to everyone who bought main product.
For example: We added Vid 7 in the main product called Private Coaching.

In Jane's Private Space we can see Vid 7, Vid 14, and Gear Guide.

In another student's account, they can see Vid 7 but not Vid 14 or the Gear Guide.

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