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Creating a Lead Capture Local Event
Creating a Lead Capture Local Event
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You can schedule a local event in your area as a lead capture event. This type of event doesn't require potential clients to create an account in your studio but will however require them to register to the event.
This is great if you're looking to get potential clients in your local area. The event doesn't even have to be yoga or wellness related. You can also use this if you'd like to organize a local cleanup drive for example.
​Note: Email notifications are sent out automatically when clients register to a lead capture event. Clients will receive a notification an hour before and 30 minutes before the event.

1. Click on Calendar on the left then Add Event on the top right.

2. Select Local Event in the drop down for Event type.

Fill in the other necessary details of the event such as the time, the name of the event, description etc. If this is a one time event, you don't have to check "Event repeats".

3. Leave the "Which products should contain this event?" empty.

4. Toggle "Is this a free public / lead capture event" on.

You can also choose to require a first name, last name or both when people register to your event.

If you have Mailchimp or Convertkit integrated to your account, you can choose to have them automatically added to a list. You can select the list from the dropdown.

5. Lead capture events automatically require registration. You can hide the number of registrations by checking the box "Hide registrations info".

Additionally, you can limit the number of people who can join, when registration closes and when people can unregister.

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