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How to Enable Multiple Payment Options in Stripe
How to Enable Multiple Payment Options in Stripe
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This article provides the steps for enabling multiple payment options in Stripe.

Before setting up multiple payment options, please read the following:

  • If you offer a membership make sure that the payment allows for recurring payments or subscriptions. Bank transfers for example, do not allow recurring payments. This can affect a student's ease of access if they chose a mode of payment that doesn't automatically renew.

  • Some payments are delayed (e.g. bank debits) and do not provide access right away. This can impact students who want immediate access to a product after payment

  • Always double check what payments work best in your area. Cards and wallets are generally safe as they have a wider reach.

  • Stripe will offer the best types of payment methods to the student, based on the type of product (fixed price or recurring) as well as studio and client's location.

How to set up Multiple Payment Methods

  1. Go to your Stripe account Payment Methods Setting page by clicking here – Log in to your account when prompted.
    If you still need to select your platform, in the drop-down, select Marvelous.

    On this page, you will see a list of available payment methods, such as Cards, Wallets, Bank Redirects, Direct Debits, etc.

  2. Find the payment method you want to enable and click the Turn on button.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Before turning on any new payment method, be sure you understand the type of payment it is. You can do this by clicking the arrow to the left of the Payment Method title; see the screenshot below.

If you would like more information about the available Stripe Payment Methods, you can read their Payment methods fact sheets.

New Checkout Experience

From the customer's perspective, the checkout will function differently.

Once logged in, the customer will click "Purchase Product." This will display a pop-up where they can choose the payment type and complete all necessary details.

Here are two examples of the updated checkout page with the pop-up.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Note: At the moment Apple Pay is currently not supported.
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