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Adding Customer Notes
Adding Customer Notes
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Our customer Notes feature allows track special requirements for events like workshops or retreats, specific details from your private 1:1 coaching sessions, or reminders about products you want to recommend to a specific student.

These are internal notes and cannot be seen by the client.

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How to add a Note to a Customer

  1. Click Customers in the left-hand navigation bar, then click on the student's name.

  2. Go to the Notes tab and click on + Add Note.

  3. Add a Note title
    ​The note title will display on the Customer's account, see step 6.

  4. Add any extra information you'd like into the notes field. You can format the text as well as embed images using an image's URL, add hyperlinks, etc.

  5. Click on Save note once you've added everything that's needed.

  6. You will now see the Note in the customer's account. To open the note, click on the note's title.

How to Upload an Attachment to a Note

When creating or editing a note, you can upload attachments such as screenshots of a student's payment, receipt, or a voice note.

To do this, click the Upload button and then choose the relevant file from your computer.

Once uploaded you'll see the file on the left.

You can download the attachment by clicking on the download button to the right of the attachment. Or delete it by clicking the trashcan.

How to Edit, Preview, or Download a Note

To edit a note, click the Pencil icon next to the note entry.

To Preview a note, click the note title. This will display the note as a pop up.

To download a note as a PDF, click Download note.

You can also edit a note from this view by clicking Edit note.

How to Delete a Note

If you'd like to delete a note, click on the trashcan icon next to the note entry.


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