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Navigating Between Private Spaces and 1:1 Products.
Navigating Between Private Spaces and 1:1 Products.
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If a student purchases different 1:1 products it will generate multiple private spaces. This article will show you how to quickly navigate between a parent product to the correct Private Space and vice versa.

For example we have 3 different Private Coaching products in the Product tab. These are: 1:1 Meditation, 1:1 Mentorship Program, and 1:1 Coaching

Clicking on the Private Spaces section on top shows 3 private spaces for the same student.

These Private Spaces are associated with each of the 3 Private Coaching products. You can easily tell by looking at the product tag above the Private Space's name.

Clicking on a Private Space and then the product tag will take you to the parent product or 1:1 product that created the private space.

You can also navigate to a private space by opening a 1:1 product and scrolling down. Click on the Private Space column.

You can use the search bar to look for a student's private space.

Click on the student's name to bring up their Private Space.

You can then edit it to add content, add sessions, etc.

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