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How to Send an Email using Marvelous Mail
How to Send an Email using Marvelous Mail

Guide on how to create, preview, schedule and send an email

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In this article, discover how to use filters while sending emails so that only the intended recipients open your message.

Your Email Dashboard

In the left-hand navigation bar, you will Find Marketing, click on this to show the dropdown menu, and then click Emails.

This will show your Email dashboard.

To send an email, click + New email on the top right.

The left-hand side of your email dashboard displays the settings for the email that you are composing.

This section includes:

  • Marketing email toggle:

    • If you switch on the “This is a marketing email” toggle, it means you are sending a marketing email. If you want to send marketing emails that include content such as promos, coupons, etc., then it is essential that the recipients have previously consented to receive messages from you. Each email will include a link allowing individuals to unsubscribe.

    • When switched off, it means you are sending a transactional email. Transactional emails are typically used for sending receipts, purchase confirmations, or customer support emails.

  • Filter who receives your email by:

    • Recipients: Choose to send the email to everyone on your Marvelous site, or Customers only.

    • A product they have bought.

    • A product they have not bought.

    • When the purchase was made.

Note: Make sure when you send to everyone in your studio, you are complying with your local anti-spam laws.

Choosing who Receives Your Email

Filtering by Recipients

The recipient section allows you to see the total number of people in your studio, as well as the filtered amount that have opted-in for your marketing emails. For example, if it says 5/28 – this means 5 out of 28 individuals are happy to receive communication from you.

However, if you'd like to send out an email to everyone in your studio switch off "This is a marketing email" and select Everyone. If you have 500 students already - it will send the email to all 500 students and not just the 160 that signed up to a newsletter.

To send an email to all students, regardless of the product they bought, select “Everyone”.

Filtering by Product

If you select “All of the selected products” in the Has Bought section, it means that your customer needs to have bought all the products you chose. For example, this is useful if you want to send emails about more advanced courses to people who bought beginner or intermediate courses.

If you select “ANY of the selected products” in the Has Bought section, it means that your customer just needs to have bought one of those products to get the email.

If you'd like to send an email to students who have not bought a product or products you can use the "Has not bought" option.

Note: When no product or date is selected and "This is a marketing email" is switched on the system will default to sending to everyone that's opted in.

If "This is a marketing email" is switched off and no filter is selected - it will send to all the students in your studio.

Creating an Email

When creating an email, you can:

  • Show your logo in the email or not by switching "Show logo in email header” on or off.

  • Personalize your subject line.

  • Customize the body of your email – add some flare with different font styles, colors, and bold accents. Use bullet points or numbers – plus links & images.

  • Send now or schedule it to send at a future date.

Previewing an Email

To preview an email, click on Preview at the top.

The preview of your email will display in a pop-up box. When you’re done, click on the "X" on the top right to close it.

Sending a Test Email

To send a test email, click "Send test email" on the top right.

A pop-up will display confirming where you will be sending the test email. Click on "Send email" this will be sent to your own email address (the email you have set in your contact information).

Sending, Saving a Draft, or Scheduling an Email

If the email is scheduled to be released or you want to come back to it to edit the email at a later date, click on "Save".

To edit the delivery date, just click on "Edit delivery date". If you want to remove the delivery date click on the "x" next to "Edit delivery date" and save.

If you’re ready to send your email, click "Send", this will send the email immediately and override the release date.

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