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How to set up Google Workspace or Gmail for Marvelous Mail
How to set up Google Workspace or Gmail for Marvelous Mail

Setting up your Google Workspace or Gmail account for sending emails through Marvelous Email

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This feature will let you use your own Google Workspace or Gmail account to send out emails using Marvelous Mail. This integration allows both Google Workspace and standard Gmail accounts to be used for sending your Marketing emails.

Note: When connecting a Gmail account, it would be best to use a separate account, that isn't your personal or main business account. If Google flags the account as spam, it will not affect your main email account.

Go to Settings on the bottom left then Integrations and click on Google Mail. You can also click here.

Click on Connect Account and sign in to your Google account.

Click on Continue and then Allow.

Your Google account will now show under Name. You can also Rename or Disconnect the account by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the right.

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