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Creating a Landing Page Using a Template
Creating a Landing Page Using a Template

How to use the pre-designed templates to create a landing page

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Our template designs make it effortless and swift to create an impressive thank you page, opt-in page or coming soon page in mere minutes.

With our designs, you can customize the text, brand logo and colors —plus switch up font styles and images— to reflect your uniqueness. You can remove sections, but you cannot add new sections to a template nor move the location of text and imagery. If you want to create a page from scratch read our article How to use the "Start from Scratch" page builder.

This article will show you how to:

How to create a landing page using a template

Note: You will still need to add your links or embed codes manually. Links to your product, sign up page, etc aren't automatically added in.

  1. Click on Pages on the left then + New Page on the top right.

  2. Choose your template. You have three options: Thank you page, Opt-in page, Coming soon page

    Note: If you want to create a page from scratch read our article How to use the "Start from Scratch" page builder.

  3. Enter your Page Title (you can change this later on in Page Settings). The Page URL field will automatically populate.

Navigating the Page Builder

On the top right there are three icons:

  • Artist Pallet: This allows you to change colors that appear on the landing page.

  • Arrows: These are the undo or redo functions.

In addition to these, you can Preview your landing page and Save any changes you've made.

  • Live Preview: You will also see a live preview of the page you're creating on the bottom left.

Click on the device icon will preview the page on different types of screens.

How to Change the Page Colors

To change certain colors on your page:

  1. Click on the artist's palette on the top right.

  2. Click on the color you want to change. In the example below we will change the emphasis color by clicking on the orange sample.

  3. Choose the new color and click on Select.

  4. And click on Confirm.

All the emphasis colors have now updated to from the original color, to our new color.

Editing a Template

Section Settings

You can edit a section by clicking on the options that appear inside the black box. These options allow you to:

  • change the background color of a section

  • move the section up or down

  • duplicate the section

  • delete the section

  • add a background image to the section.

Uploading an Image

  1. Click the image icon. In this example we’re showing how to change the logo of the page.

  2. A pop-up appears providing four options for uploading your image; upload your logo from your laptop, embed an image, use Unsplash or Canva.

  3. Once uploaded you can resize the image by clicking and dragging the handles that appear on the corners.

Editing Text

To edit text, click the text you'd like to change. The cursor will appear allowing you to edit the text inside the textbox. Formatting options will also appear.

Previewing Your Page

Click on Preview on the top right to view the page you've created.

Note: For Safari users, draft pages cannot be previewed due to Safari's strict privacy restrictions. This can be resolved by clicking on Safari then Settings.

Then go to the Privacy tab and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking.

Saving as a Draft or Publishing Your Page

Once you're satisfied with the changes, click on Save.

Click Back on the top left to exit the page.

A pop-up will appear giving you the option to publish the page. If you’re not ready to publish and just want to keep the page in Draft, then click Back.

If you're ready to publish your page, click Publish. Then click Back to return to the Pages dashboard.

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