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Marvelous Magic Pages
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The AI Page Generator automatically creates a landing page for your product. It automatically generates text for the different sections of a landing page.

Note: While Marvelous Magic Pages™ is amazing, it's important that you read through the AI generated copy and update accordingly to match your tone of voice, and make sure it represents an accurate description of your online offering, teacher bios, address and studio about text. Also, remember, we integrate directly with Unsplash and Canva, so you can easily add some more of your style and brand to your sales page.

How to use Marvelous Magic Pages™

1. Create a product and make sure to fill out all the necessary details such as:

  • Name of the product, a cover photo and thumbnail

  • Product Description

    • Note: This needs to be at least 200 words or more. Anything less and it won't generate a landing page.

  • Price and Product Schedule

  • The product can be kept as a draft and published at a later period.

2. Save the product and then click Back.

3. Click on Generate Page on the top right.

4. Select a tone and click on Generate Page.

5. The page will appear with a Processing status for a few minutes in the pages tab.

Once it has finished the status will change to Draft.

6. Click on the pencil icon to edit the page as needed.

You can also publish the page by clicking on the 3 dots on the right and then Published.

Note: Always check the generated page to see if there's any adjustment that needs to be made. For example, changing a section or pictures, additional links needed etc. The generated page can be edited to an extent.

You can also create another landing page with a different tone by going into the product and clicking on Generate page at the top.

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