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One-click upsell is a powerful tool for boosting your sales. This technique allows you to offer one companion product to customers during the checkout process. It is a fantastic way to increase your revenue and optimize your customer's shopping experience. For instance, when a customer buys a product from your Marvelous site, you can offer them an additional product at a discounted rate at checkout.

Please note:

  • For studios using Stripe – this only works if the purchase is made using a credit card or if they already have a credit card on file.

  • This will work always for studios using PayPal since students are always taken to their PayPal page.

How to Enable One-click Upsell

  1. To enable an order bump or upsell, go to Products in the left-hand navigation bar and then click on the product you want to open and click Edit.

  2. Select One-click Upsell.

    In this section you want to:

    1. Select the product you want to upsell to from the Add a one-click upsell product dropdown menu.

    2. Choose your One-click upsell pricing for the product you're upselling to.

    3. Choose a countdown duration from the Countdown timer (This will help create urgency in the customers to make a purchase.)

    4. Add a Custom header message (255-character limit).

    5. Toggle on Custom Thumbnail or Video to add either media to accompany your header message for the upsell in the checkout process.

Note: You can only choose one price point when upselling a recurring-priced product with different price points.

In the example above, the student will be initially charged $30 per month and will renew each month at $30. This will also be shown on the upsell popup. When a product has the applicable interval - the upsell will show the regular and upsell price.

If a product doesn't have the applicable interval - it will only show the upsell price.

3. Click on Save product on the top right when you're done.


  • If you are using a video, make sure that it isn't longer than the countdown timer you've set.

  • you can use a video from your Marvelous Media Library, upload a file from your device, or embed from Youtube or Vimeo.

Student view

Once a student has entered their card details at the checkout, the product you chose for your upsell will pop up giving them an option to purchase it within the set time frame.

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