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Integrating Google Calendar
Integrating Google Calendar
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Note: When integrating your Google Calendar, make sure you are logged in to and not

This integration will allow Private Sessions to appear in your Google Calendar when using Marvelous Scheduling. Depending on your plan with Marvelous, you can link multiple Google Calendar accounts to your studio.

Go to Settings on the bottom left corner of your Dashboard and then Integrations.

Click on the Google Calendar icon then Connect Account.

Log in to your Google account and make sure all the boxes are ticked then click on Allow.

If you have a different Google account for your business - make sure that you're logging in to the account you want to connect to your Marvelous studio.

Once connected your account will show at the bottom. Click on the 3 vertical dots if you'd like to rename or disconnect the Google account.

If you connect multiple Google accounts, make sure to set a default. The default account will be selected for private sessions unless a different account is selected.

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