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Integrating Flodesk
Integrating Flodesk
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Marvelous integrates with Flodesk, allowing students' email address to be added into segments. This will let teachers to gather emails from their students in Marvelous and send out emails through Flodesk.

  1. Click on Settings on the bottom left then go to Integrations and select Flodesk.

  2. Click on Connect Flodesk and log in to your Flodesk account.


  3. It should now say Connected in Marvelous.

  4. By default, opt-in is enabled. Students will receive an email from Flodesk for confirmation. This allows you to comply with your local regulations.

  5. You can select which segment new signups will be added in by clicking on the drop-down.

Product purchase - add students to a segment

If you'd like students to be added to a specific segment after purchasing a product - go to the product's Summary tab and scroll down.

Select the segment you'd like to add them to after purchase. For memberships, you can opt to have them automatically removed from the segment when they cancel by clicking the box below the drop-down.

Note: If no Flodesk segment is selected inside the product - Flodesk will not send an opt-in message to the student. You can resend the opt-in message through Flodesk.

Free lead capture event - add registrants to a segment

When creating a free lead capture event, you can also specify the Flodesk segment the registrants should be added.

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