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Marketing Assets lets you quickly create cards that promote your studio, products, events, or anything that comes to mind that you can upload to your socials.

1. To access Marketing Assets click on Marketing on the left then go to Marketing Assets.

2. Click on the template that you want to use. There are two types of templates, square and vertical.

3. If you select a Product from the drop down it will automatically use the product's cover photo as the image and use the Product name as the title. You can either crop the image or remove it by hovering over the image and clicking on the crop or remove tool.
You can also create your own custom card by adding your own title and description. It isn't necessary to create one for a product.
Any changes made will be reflected on the preview on the right. Once done, click on Download marketing assets on the right download the image.

You can also click on Change Template on the top right if you want to use a different template.

Then click on the template you want and click Download marketing asset.

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