Adding Announcements

Create a banner on your studio for important events, milestones, etc.

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Announcements are a great way to broadcast to students any upcoming events, products, or if you'd just like to direct students to a specific call of action.

1. To add an announcement, click on Marketing on the left then Announcement.

2. Announcement text: add the text you'd like to appear in your announcement.

Click Through URL: add the link here. This can be a link to your products or an

outside URL.

Open in a new tab: tick this box if you want links to appear on a new tab.

Disable at a specific time: if enabled this will automatically stop the announcement

based on the time and date set. Click on the date and time to change the settings.
Once you've created your announcement make sure to switch on the "Enable announcement" button.

The announcement will now be displayed on top of the student's dashboard with the link inside the Learn More button.

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