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Video Tracking and Preventing Fast Forward
Video Tracking and Preventing Fast Forward
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Marvelous is tracking the video progress of each student. This means, that when the student returns to the video they have already partially watched, the video will be positioned where they paused or closed the page on their last visit.

NOTE: This is only available for event recordings, uploaded videos, and Vimeo embeds.

Teachers can disable fast-forwarding in videos. Teachers can also disable fast forwarding inside a lesson as well. For certifications, this feature will ensure that students will watch a video in full.

Disable Fast Forward in a Video.

1. Click on Media Library on the left then click on the video.

2. Click on Edit video on the top right.

3. Scroll down and switch on Disable fast forward.

Disable Fast Forward For All Videos in a Lesson

1. Click on Products on the left then click on the course you'd like to edit.

2. Go to the Lessons tab and click on a lesson.

3. Switch on Disable video fast forward. This will disable fast forward ability on all the videos inside the lesson.

When fast forward is disabled, a student will return to where seeking ended. They can only seek back and forth on already viewed parts of the video but will not be able to seek ahead.

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