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Modifying an Order
Modifying an Order
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Modifying an order allows studios and teachers to make adjustments on their customer's orders. The amount paid can be updated as needed such in cases of refunds or if payments were made outside of Marvelous.

To update a customer's paid amount, go to the Orders tab and then click on the 3 vertical dots next to the order.

Type in the correct or updated amount and then click on Update.

After updating the amount paid, an asterisk * will show next to the amount to indicate that it was changed. You can also view the original amount paid by hovering over the amount. The tax will be automatically calculated as well.

Note: If you modified a student's payment - make sure to add a note in their customer profile.

Any changes made to an order will also affect the sales report in your dashboard as well as in the Reports page. The updated amount will also reflect on the student's end.

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