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Stripe Retry Schedule
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Stripe will attempt to charge failed payments based on the retry schedule found in your Stripe settings. Unless Stripe cancels the subscription, students will continue to have access to their membership.

To set the retry schedule and make subscriptions cancel sooner go to your Subscriptions settings in Stripe or click here.

Set the number of retries under Card payments. You can set up to 3 attempts with 1, 3, 5, or 7 days between retries. Then set Subscription Status to cancel the subscription if all retries failed. Lastly, set the Invoice Status to uncollectible. Make sure to click Save.

If you'd like to inform students ahead of time regarding upcoming renewals, you can also enable Customer Emails. You can add your own custom link to direct students to their profile where they can update their card information.

Your custom link would be yourstudioname.heymarvelous/profile e.g.

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