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Pausing a Subscription
Pausing a Subscription
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Pausing a subscription is a great way to help out a student who might be taking an extended pause or going through financial constraints. By pausing their subscription, students do not have to cancel and sign up again when they're ready.

Pausing/resuming is best suited for short-term subscriptions, like weekly or monthly. Please note that billing will resume on their normal billing cycle once you resume their subscription. For example, if you pause their annual subscription in January and their subscription is about to renew in February, but you resume it in March, they will not be charged until February next year.

Note: This only works with Stripe subscriptions

To cancel a subscription, go to the Orders tab on the left, then click on the 3 vertical dots next to the student's subscription. Click on Pause subscription.

You can also pause a subscription by going to the Customer tab and opening the student's profile. Then from the Products tab, click the 3 vertical dots and then Pause subscription.

Confirm the action by clicking on Pause subscription again.

The status will now show as Paused, on both the Orders tab and the student's profile.

To resume their subscription, just click on the 3 dots again either from the Orders tab or the student profile and select Resume subscription.

Confirm the action by clicking on Resume subscription. The status will now change to Active.


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