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Integrating with Rewardful
Integrating with Rewardful
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Connecting Rewardful to your Marvelous account offers a swift solution for establishing affiliate and referral programs seamlessly integrated with Stripe.
With an affiliate/referral program, your students, instructors, or even external affiliates can bring you new students and earn commission from their purchases. Please note, this only works for newly referred students.

Note: This only works when Stripe is used as the studio's payment processor as Rewardful doesn't work with Paypal.

1. Connect your Stripe account to Rewardful.

2. In Rewardful create a campaign.

3. When you get to Code Integration make sure to copy the API key:

4. In Marvelous, go to Settings on the bottom left then Integrations then Rewardful or click here.

5. Paste the API key and click on Update.

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