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Integrating with Rewardful
Integrating with Rewardful
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Connecting Rewardful to your Marvelous account offers a swift solution for establishing affiliate and referral programs seamlessly integrated with Stripe.
With an affiliate/referral program, your students, instructors, or even external affiliates can bring you new students and earn commission from their purchases. Please note, this only works for newly referred students.

Note: This only works when Stripe is used as the studio's payment processor as Rewardful doesn't work with Paypal.

1. Connect your Stripe account to Rewardful.

2. In Rewardful create a campaign.

3. When you get to Code Integration make sure to copy the API key:

4. In Marvelous, go to Settings on the bottom left then Integrations then Rewardful or click here.

5. Paste the API key and click on Update.


If you have a separate landing page that your affiliates use to promote your offering, please make sure you also add the Rewardful script on that page and include the data-domains="," parameter in your script, where "yourstudio" is your subdomain and "" is your custom Marvelous domain if you've connected one.

<script async src="" data-rewardful="<API-KEY>" data-domains=","></script>

With this setup, the Rewardful script will decorate any outgoing links pointing to "" or "" with the correct referral id.

You can get more details about across domain referral tracking in Rewardful help document.

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