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Product Terms and Conditions

Creating terms and conditions specific to a product.

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While the Custom Waiver is a great way to add a waiver that covers your whole site, you can also add terms and conditions that are specific to a product. By doing so, you can have a tailored set of guidelines and rules that govern the use, sale, and interaction with a particular product on your site.

​To add a terms and conditions to a product, click on Products on the left and then click on the product. Click on Edit product on the top left.

Go to the Summary tab and click on +Add terms and conditions. Add the terms and conditions that you'd like to use for the product. Once done click on Save and then Save Product.

Your customer terms and conditions will appear at checkout. Students are required to select I agree in order to complete the purchase. Clicking on "terms and conditions" will show the entire terms and conditions that you've created.

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