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Creating a Contract Template
Creating a Contract Template
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To create a contract template go to Products on the left then Contracts and click on New Template on the top right.

You can choose to either create a new template from scratch by selecting "Paste or type your template content" or upload a PDF from your device by selecting "Upload your template PDF".

If creating a template from scratch make sure to fill in the following information:

  • Title: name or title of the contract

  • Template Content: the body of your contract goes here.

  • Optional Paragraph: this paragraph will be added at the end of the contract and will only be visible on the signed document. This is pre-filled but can be edited in your labels editor or removed.
    If a PDF document was uploaded as a contract template, a new page will be added to the signed document (also a PDF file) that contains this paragraph above the signatures.

  • Name: the teacher's name

  • Signature: click and hold to draw your signature

You can also upload a pdf file by selecting "Upload your template PDF". Click on Upload to choose the file from your device or drag and drop. Don't forget to add your signature in the signature field.

You can view and edit a contract by clicking on Templates at the top. Click on the contract you'd like to edit from the list.

To add a contract to a product click on Products on the left then click on the product.

Select Edit Product on the top right and go to the Summary tab.

Choose the Contract from the drop down and then Save.

Assigning a contract to the product will send a contract to all new customers after the purchase. Customers will need to sign the contract before they can access the product's content or events.​

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