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Contract Tab Overview
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The Contract tab shows contracts that have been sent to clients. Highlighted names are members of the studio while those that are grayed out are not.

The Product column shows if the received the contract through a product purchase or if the contract was manually sent to the contract. If the contract is tied to a product, accessing product contents or events is blocked until the contract is signed.

The Contract title column shows the name of the contract that a student was sent. You can assign different contracts to different products.

The Status column shows whether a contract has been signed or not ( Pending ).

Lastly, the last 2 columns shows when a contract was generated or sent and then signed.

Clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the right will show different options. For signed contracts a teacher can send a copy of the contract or view them.

Unsigned contracts can be resent, or deleted, or if a student signed a physical copy a PDF file containing the signed document can be uploaded instead. Uploading a signed copy will change the status from Pending to Signed.

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