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Viewing and Sending Contracts
Viewing and Sending Contracts
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Sending a Pending Contract

Use the filters above to sort by status of contracts, product, or created date. The Search bar will also allow searching by student name.

Click on the 3 dots on the right to resend a contract to a client. Clicking on Resend will send a link to the student. Opening the link will take them to a page where they can sign the contract.

Sending a Contract

Click on Send a Contract on the top right and choose if its an existing student or an external client.

When sending to a member of your studio, choose the contract and the student. You can also select the product associated with the contract.

For external contacts, make sure to add their full name. The system will not allow a contract to be sent if there is no first and last name.

For external clients they can click anywhere outside of the log in box and click on sign.

Students can view a contract by clicking on their name on the top right, then My Settings. They can either click on the contract to view it or hit Download to receive a copy of it.

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