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Uscreen Migration
Uscreen Migration
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This article covers how to create a subscription in Stripe in order to generate a subscription ID to migrate customers over into Marvelous.

Customer and payment information are created in Stripe by Uscreen, however Uscreen handles rebilling clients for subscriptions. This means that there is no subscription ID in Stripe. The subscription ID will need to be generated by creating a subscription in Stripe.

Click on Customers on the left then click on the Customer's name. Then click on the + sign to create a subscription.

Next, search and select your membership from the dropdown.

If you don't see a product in the drop down, click "+ Add new product".

Add the name of the product, price, and interval or billing period. You can also add a short description as well. Click on "Add product" at the bottom right.

Note: If you have customers with different billing periods e.g. Monthly and Annual, you'll need to create 2 different products. One for monthly and another for annual. Make sure the correct product with the correct interval is assigned to the customer.

Note: Check Uscreen for the student's last billing date was or when their access will expire.

After creating the product, set the date of the next billing cycle under "Bill Yearly/Monthly Starting". This is the date that Stripe will charge the student's card. Set the "Proration behavior" toggle to off.

After clicking on "Create Subscription" on the bottom right, you will be taken back to the customer's page and the subscription will now be shown on their account. Click on it and you will now see the subscription ID.

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