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Adding Business Information on Invoices
Adding Business Information on Invoices
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This article will show you how to add information that needs to be shown on your invoices for tax purposes. In addition, you can also enable an option that will let businesses making a purchase on your studio, add their business name and other information.

To add your business information in your invoices, go to Settings on the bottom left and then Account Information. Click on Edit Contact Information and add your business, tax ID's etc on the field labeled "Additional business information to include on all invoices".

Note: Any business information you enter do not show up in your Contact Us section of your studio.

To let businesses enter their information at checkout, scroll down to the Checkout Preferences section. Enable "Collect business name from customer at checkout" as well as "Collect tax ID from customer at checkout"

Note: Do not make this as a requirement for checkout as it will affect clients who are purchasing and do not have a business.

You can also enable other information needed and make them required or optional. For example, phone number and address is required but not their business information.

​This is how the invoice will look with the details enabled. The email address in the Contact Us area will be your studio's email address.

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