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Changing Links and Inserting Forms
Changing Links and Inserting Forms
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Hyperlinking a Button

Click on the box and then the hyperlink icon.

Paste the product link into the box labelled Link. You can choose to have the link open to a new tab by selecting "Open new window". If "Open in a lightbox" is selected a pop up containing the video will open. Note that this option is only for links that point to a video.

You can also change what the link says by editing the text box.

Inserting Forms

To insert a form you can add a new section, for example one of the Call to Action sections. You can find it by clicking on the + sign on top left corner, then go to All Categories, Call to Action.

Note: You will need the HTML embed code from your mail or form provider.

Click on either a button or a text box and click on the ellipses ( ... ). Select HTML.

Grab the embed code from your mail or form provider. For this example we are using Convertkit. Make sure to copy the HTML and not the Javascript code.

Remove any code in the box and paste the HTML code from Convertkit or your form provider and click OK.

If you find the box to be too short, you can click and hold on the edges of the green box and drag it to the right to make it longer.

It should now look like this.

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